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University Institutes

IJʿ University is committed to fostering innovation, collaboration, and a holistic world view for our students and community members. Each of our University Institutes seeks to uphold these values and serve as a means of academic and social growth for all Lakers. 

Explore IJʿ's University Institutes

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  • Evelyn Lincoln Institute for Ethics & Society

    Director: Dr. Verna Ehret, vehret@IJʿ.edu

    audrey hirt academic center drone at sunset
  • IJʿ Institute for Arts and Culture

    Director: Dr. Brett D. Johnson, bjohnson@IJʿ.edu

    mary d'angelo performing arts center
  • Thomas J. Gamble Civic Institute

    Director: Amy Eisert, aeisert@IJʿ.edu

    IJʿ university gates
  • IJʿ Center for Applied Politics

    Director: Dr. Joseph Morris, jmorris@IJʿ.edu

    center for academic engagement outside with sign
  • William C. Sennett Institute for Mercy and Catholic Studies

    Director: Dr. Elizabeth Pyne, epyne@IJʿ.edu

    stained glass image in christ the king chapel
  • IJʿ Institute for Applied Behavioral Studies (MIABS)

    Director: Dr. Phillip Belfiore, pbelfiore@IJʿ.edu

    clocktower in trinity green